The Biggest Mis-Conception Is That We Just Fix Shoes.

We handle everything including handbags, luggage, jackets/vests, belts, boat covers, chair covers, anything leather, and all types of sporting equipment. Our speciality is orthopedic work. We also duplicate keys.

When the soles or heels wear out, don’t throw them away. Bring them to us and we will restore them.


*Heels, Soles, Tips, Taps

*Any Type of Stitching

*Elastics, Buckles, Rivets, and Grommets

*Orthopedic Work

*Shoe Shine

*Police Boot Spit Shine and Police Equipment Shine

*Workboots, Police and Fire Boots

*Shoe Stretching

*Dance Shoes-Ballet, Tap, Ballroom

*Boot Toe Guard

*Boot Zippers

*Motorcycle Boots


*Any Leather Good Repairs

*Handbag Zipper Repair and Replacement

*Handbag Relining

*Patches on Vests/Jackets

*Boat Covers, Tents, Hammocks, Chairs

*Handbags, Wallets, Luggage, and Briefcases

*All Sports Equipment Repairs

*Horse Saddles

*Key Duplication